Lampashade - Wings

The wings from the Tattered Angels Mixed Media Origins paper are a constant inspiration for projects. While they are part of a fabulous in design paper (the quality is so obvious from the diversity in use), still they encourage me to separate them from it; at the end of the day, wings are meant to take you away.

This time the wings are used to decorate a lampshade. Trimmed pieces of the paper that are heavily tattered and distressed partially cover parts of the lampshade.

Again, for this project, color shades are limited trying to highlight the beauty and the special shade the papers already have.

A simple black metallic lamp holder is used, turning all the attention to the lampshade.


Materials used
Tools used
  • Craft knife
  • Vinyl glue
  • Paintbrush

Find all the materials and more inspiration in Canvas Corp Brands blog.

Cut the wings from the Mixed Media Origins Grace paper using a sharp blade

Lamp shade 1

Tear pieces of the Grace paper horizontally to keep the lining of the letters. Remember not to keep a straight cutting as you need to achieved a heavily distressed look. Add black shades with the Coal color mist on the edges of the paper cuttings.

Lamp shade 2

Mark where the wings will be placed and distress the lampshade on that part with the black color.

Lamp shade 3

Start glueing the paper cuttings, avoiding the place where the wings will be set. Use the Vintage Brass to distress parts of the papers and the lampshade.

Lamp shade 4

Color the wings with the Tattered angels mists. First I covered all the wings with the Mustard mist and then added details and partially cover with the rest mists. Use the glimmer glaze at the end. When colors dry, glue the wings on the lampshade.

Lamp shade 5

Decorate further by scattering stamping the lampshade.

Lamp shade 6

Lampshade detail



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