A very special card in a very sweet shape to send your wishes is a Cupcake card!
The template can be found in Cuddly Buddly website and is free!

You can directly print the template on the papers that you will use for the base and the topping. However, as I usually like to make cards that can be kept for long time and in some cases used later to place a photo, you will need to print a spare copy to use when you cut the chipboard, which I have as a base to built my card on.


The materials and tools you will need to make this card are:


First of all download the cupcake template from Cuddly Buddly.

Print a copy to use as pattern and another one on white cardstock sheet for the inside part.

Then print template 2 found in file.

Print the topping part on a white sheet and the lower part on the purple sheet. You will need 2 copies of template 2 (big cupcake). At this point you can enlarge just a little bit the template. This will help cover the chipboard better.



Take an A4 size piece of chipobard and cut along using the printed pattern. I used some repositionable glue to keep the pattern in place.



Your chipboard base now is ready for decoration!



Take 2 cotton balls and cut them in half and paint them with the acrylic violet paint. Let them aside to dry.



Cut the rest pieces from the cardstocks. Here you can see the different size of the chipboard and the cardstock piece.



Using the floral embossing folder, emboss the inside piece as images show.



Then emboss the lower parts of the cupcake. Use the silver inkpad to make shades on the embossed design.



Glue the inside piece on the chipboard base.



Have brown shades on cupcake topping pieces….



….and on the embossed inside paper.

Use purple inkpad for the lower part.



Glue the rest of the pieces to the outside of the chipboard. First the cupcake base then the topping.



Melt some UTEE clear powder and add a little of cranberry and purple embossing powders.

When UTEE powder is ready, pure drops on the front cupcake topping and close to the points where you will place the half cut cotton balls.

Using a nested die cut a white label to place it outside the card. Use ink pad for some shades and write a wish or anything you like!



Cut and bend the wires. Make a bow of the fuchsia ribbon.



Using hot glue place the cotton balls, the ribbons, the wires and at the end the bow and the flowers to cover the ends of wires.

Add rhinestones to look like sprinkles.

Ribbons inside the card are only glued at the rear ends. This will allow you to place a gift card, a photo or whatever you want!



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