Craft Christmas cone trees using cord and pearl embellishments on the parchment paper where you can add battery operated Christmas lights inside the cones or just place them anywhere on you Christmas decoration.


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  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pins



Cover the cones with parchment paper, secure with pins and continue adding pins around it in various places. Do not fully push to the surface of the cone the head of the pin.


Begin from the bottom and go around pins, stretching a bit the sequings gimp Christmas wire, connecting them.


Continue the same with the cream jute twine.


Start covering with textile glue to the twine and the wire.


When it dries, remove the pins and add the star string.


Continue adding pearls and stars covering the joints – where pins where and in other place you prefer.


Option: put some fabric glue in a small bowl and place the cord/strings inside before stretching them on the parchment paper. When the glue dries you can slowly remove the parchment paper and have plaited Christmas cones.


Place battery operated lights inside for a night decoration.

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