Coffee gift card pockets

What better way to give a happy moment to a coffee lover. Make gift card pockets in the shape of a coffee cup and place the cards in.

To make the pockets, I cut cardstock in paper cup shapes and using a stripes stencil, Memento and Delicata inks I cover the cuttings.

The clear cover is made of a shaker card bubble front cut in less than half and set on the front of the pocket with Tear It! Tape. For the foam I heat up some Amplify! White paint partially placed on a piece of paper and partially on the craft mat and then I let it cool down before removing it from the craft mat  and glueing on the back of the clear bubble. A clear plastic (acetate) was cut and placed as a back side of the bubble to protect the foaming Amplify! Paint and allow easy placement and removal of the gift card.

Decorate the pockets with some corrugated paper (hot coffee protection!) and add tags and some coffee beans.

Full details below with photos and the link to the Coffee gift card template.


Imagine supplies

StazOn – Desert sand, Rich cocoa

Delicata – Black Shimmer

Amplify! – White

Sponge daubers

Tear It! Tape

Craft mat

On Point glue


Other supplies

Shaker card bubbles front

Corrugated paper

Stripes stencil

Burlap string

Word enjoy stamp

Canvas Corp – Coffee tags

Coffee beans



Print the coffee cup template cut along and score.

Coffee gift card pockets 1


Using a stripes stencil (or make your own by cutting thick lines on an acetate sheet) color the paper with the Memento inks and a sponge dauber.

Coffee gift card pockets 2


Cut less than half of the shaker card bubble front.

Coffee gift card pockets 3


Apply in the inner side of the plastic bubble some Tear It! tape and cut the excess.

Coffee gift card pockets 4


Glue on the top front side of the pocket and cover with a paper colored stripe. Do not glue the two sides of the coffee cup.

Coffee gift card pockets 5


Place some Amplify! white paint on a small piece of paper and partially cover it. Apply heat to give volume on the paint. When it cools down, remove carefully.

Coffee gift card pockets 6


Glue the paper with the Amplify! paint on the back of the shaker bubble cutting and cover with some acetate to protect.

Coffee gift card pockets 7


Cut corrugated paper and coffee tags.

Coffee gift card pockets 8


Stamp the word “enjoy” and distress the edges of the paper with the Memento rich cocoa.

Coffee gift card pockets 9


Glue the paper embellishments and decorate further with coffee beans and a burlap bow.

Coffee gift card pockets 10


For the kraft paper pocket, use the Delicata Black shimmer to add a distinctive color to the stripes and create a “plastic” cap with paper instead of the bubble. (separate drawing is include in the template)

Coffee gift card pockets 11


Decorate with white corrugated paper and beans as above.

Coffee gift card pockets 12


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