Decorate a polystyrene cone with painted and Christmas theme fabric that includes fairy lights.


Find all the materials in Buddly Crafts





Cut a 25x30cm piece of the muslin fabric and distress with wide brush strokes using the gold paint.


When the paint dries, cut in about 5 cm square pieces.


Glue the pieces on the polystyrene cone.


Cut a 30x10cm long piece of the Christmas fabric and place the fairy lights in the centre of it.


Fold and glue the fabric.


Glue the Christmas fabric around the polystyrene cone.


Remove the setting of the star buttons.


Glue the stars on the tree, some sequins and add stickers from the peel-off set.


Cut the branches about 5cm long


Glue the branches around a bottle cork and set at the bottom of the cone.


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