Handmade Christmas cards - skinny

Christmas cards –  skinny design are quick, easy and stylish to make.

Using ready cut cards and envelopes from Canvas Corp Brands, these Christmas cards are decorated with two layers of papers and with few embellishments. Still they make a stylish result.

To make these Christmas cards it is advised to precut all the shapes and then start placing them on the blank cards. It is easy and will save time.


Materials used

CCB Cards/Envelopes Skinny (8) Kraft

CCB Cards/Envelopes Skinny (8) White

CCB 12×12 E-Flute Black paper

CCB 12×12 E-Flute White paper

CCB Gold & White Star paper

CCB Royal Blue & White Flakes Reverse paper

CCB Burlap Fringe – Sand

CCB Cord Rope Natural Hank 45′

Kim’s Digital Stamp – Twelve Christmas Greetings

First Edition Transfer Foil 310mm x 2m – Gold FEFOL002

Red ribbon

Craft wire

Star punch

Snowflake punch

Metal sheet


Tools used

Craft knife, glue, hot glue fun

First Edition Hot Foil Applicator Machine – UK Plug FEMAC001


Cut a piece of 8 1/4 x 3 1/4in (~20*8cm) from the e-flute paper and a piece of 7 1/2 x 2 1/4in (19×5.5cm) from the star or the flakes paper.

Handmade Christmas cards - skinny 2

Handmade Christmas cards - skinny 1


Glue first the e-flute paper cutting and then the star paper cutting.

Handmade Christmas cards - skinny 3


From the metallic sheet punch stars (or snowflakes) and glue them on wire cuttings ranging from 3 to 5in (~8 to 12.5cm)

Handmade Christmas cards - skinny 4


Bend the wire as bit and using the hot glue gun, set them on the card.

Handmade Christmas cards - skinny 5


Cover the glued edges of the wires with the burlap fringe and add some ribbon on the top of it. Place bows of the hemp rope and the red ribbon. Add the round sentiments that are covered with the metallic foil.




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