Butterfly pendant side

Butterfly pendant made of paper and wires.

What have wings should fly away!

…and so the butterflies from the Tattared angels Wings mixed media origins paper need to leave the paper sheet and fly to become a charm in a necklace this time.

Color the butterfly with any other color combination and use other wires to match you style.

Materials used
Tools used

Pliers, glue, heat gun


Cut the butterfly with a craft knife using a sharp blade for clear cutting.

Butterfly pendant 1

Color the butterfly with the Tattered angels paints. Mix the colors, add layers and make your own combination.

Butterfly pendant 2

Stamp the butterfly with the clear embossing ink and then add the clear embossing powder. First do the back side and then the front. Repeat with a second layer to have a fine surface. It also helps make the paper durable.

Butterfly pendant 3

Cut a piece of the flat wire and bend and twist with the round nose pliers.

Butterfly pendant 4

Cut 3 pieces of the wire craft longer than the flat and using a small piece of wire, secure them on the flat one.

Butterfly pendant 5

Add bronze chain cuttings and glue the buttefly. Bend the wires on both edges. Add rhinestones.

Butterfly pendant - close


Butterfly pendant

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