Make a dimensional canvas decorated with feathers and a butterfly in greenish colours.


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  • Heating tool
  • Paint brushes
  • Hot glue gun



Cover the canvas with the Grey Sky paint. Let it dry.


Mix Texture sand and Vintage effect Grey and make large brush strokes on the canvas. Let it dry.


Randomly cover with brush strokes with the Vintage effect White.


Repeat with the gold colour and sprinkle embossing powder before the paint gets dry. Heat set with a heating tool.


Split some Apple green paint on the middle and using a straw, blow the ink in all directions. Let it dry.


Cut the leaf transfers and rub them on the canvas to transfer the design.


Hot glue the feathers and wrap around the canvas some jute cord, making sure that the cord meets on top of the feathers.


Add the flower stamens. Remove the clip from the butterfly and attach it too.



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