Jewellery charms made of wire and beads. Find full detail on how to make them on Cuddly Buddly together with more projects, or keep reading below! Happy crafting!

Wire, beads, charms and a little effort and your jewelleries are ready to wear! Decorate your charms with beads and create a unique piece that suits your style.


What you will need:

0.4mm jewellery wire

0.8mm jewellery wire

Trimits Faceted Aluminium Chain – Silver

Hobby & Crafting Fun Clasp & Hook – 30mm #4801

Jump Rings – Silver Plated 6mm #1135

Brown glass beads

Diamond shaped beads – green and brown

Hobby & Crafting Fun Glass Rocailles Duo – Metallic #4505

Hobby & Crafting Fun Glass Rocailles Trio – Pastel Pink #3622

Hobby & Crafting Fun Metal Charms – Birds & Cages #4801




Flat nose pliers


For the bird cage charm you will need  to cut 5pcs x 15cm long of the the 0.8mm wire and 1pc x 50cm long of the 0.4mm wire. Two more pieces about 7-8cm long of the 0.4mm for binding the 15cm long wires.



Take the 50cm long wire and pass it through the hole at the top of the bird cage charm, keeping 15cm at one side. Pass the long end 3 times tightly to secure on the charm.

Then start adding beads, two at a time, different colour each. Two beads, pass through the hole, secure in the position you want and then two more. Note that after 4-5 times you will do this, you have to pass the wire through the spaces created among the previous set beads and secure on them. This charm has about 20 beads on the bird cage.


Take now the 15cm long wires, form the a circle and add 4-5 beads in each of them. I used a binder clip to hold them together that helped me to “knit” them and position the beads to the places I wanted.


When done, secure the ends by 0.4mm wires by wrapping it tightly on both sides.


The next step is to use the 15cm side of the wire we left on the bird cage to bind together the two ends of the circle on the bird bird cage and add jump ring to hang it on the chain.
For the heart-shaped charm you will need 3 x 15cm long of the 0.8mm wire and 5cm long of them 0.4mm wire to create a ring that will hold the charm (alternatively you can set a jump ring)


To form the hearts and create a point to hang them, use the round nose pliers and wrap one each wire at the middle of it. Then form the heart shape.


Pass the beads, 4-5 in each side of the hearts and as above “knit” them together. When finish that, pass a jump ring through the holes that we created earlier and the bird charm.

(I created a jump ring by wrapping the 0.4mm wire around a pen and then setting the edges through the charm and the hearts and securing it.)









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