Little stocking fillers in this month’s theme for Cuddly Buddly and handmade soaps and boxes is the project. You can find details of all projects in the Cuddly Buddly blog
Angel and hearts shaped soaps with a lovely scent of vanilla, offered in little handmade boxes are a special gift for anyone.

For the soaps and boxes making you follow the instructions below with all metarials listed too.

Materials with links to buy

How to make them:

Melt the soap in bain-marie and add few drops of vanilla fragrance. If you wish you can add soap colour at this stage.


Pour the melted soap in the angel and hearts mould. In case that bubbles are created on top, you can spray the soap with some surgical spirit. It will leave no marks and your soap will be smooth.

Let the moulds aside to cool. Then carefully press the mould to let the soap out.


Download the Attic Originals Printables – Pretty Classic Christmas Pinchtop Bags. You can either use the designs included or follow the instructions below to have a tracing paper bag and box .

The ready to print designs are ok for most of angels and hearts shapes apart from the long one, (included in this project) where you have to resize the drawing to have longer bag.

Print and follow the instructions for the box version as in file.


If you want to make the tracing paper bags and boxes you will have to print the instructions for the box and use the guidelines to cut and fold the tracing paper. Alternatively, you can outline the design in a pc software and print it directly on the tracing paper.


Cut the tracing paper in the bag / box shapes. Stamp with blank ink and the viva decor embellishment background stamp. Use gold ink on the edges of the bag / box. It may take a little bit more for the ink to dry. Glue the bag / box.


Cut a red and a black cardstock card, a little bit smaller than your bag and box front side.

Use a sponge brush to highlight the edges with some gold ink and make shadow in the inner of the cards.

Cut two white cardstock cards about 1cm smaller than the pieces previous mentioned.

Use again the Viva decor embellishment stamp and the gold ink on the white cards. Highlight and create shadows with the gold ink too. Use the black ink and the Christmas viva decor stamps on the cards.

Glue the rhinestones on the cards as the final image shows.

Set the white cards on the red and black one using the foam pads.

Set the cards now on the bag and box using again foam pads.


Paint the wings of the angels with Inka gold colour. Do the same with the heart’s swirls.

Let the aside to dry. Gold colour will be washed away when first used, leaving no marks.


Use ribbon to close the bag and and the box.

Soap can be wrapped with some tissue paper before placed in the bags, keeping them safer in them.



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