Altered pockets clipboard

Alter a clipboard a small  keeper of mail, notes and keys that can be hanged or placed on top of a desk and somewhere close to the home entrance. The clipboard is equipped with magnets to allow keys to stay without need of a hanger.


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  • Craft knife
  • Ruler


Cut a piece of the cork fabric 10cm longer than the clipboard. Glue 5cm of the cork fabric to the top back of the clipboard and remove a piece of 3.5 x 12cm to create an opening that matches the clip size. Place glue around the clip and glue the cork fabric.


Lay the cork fabric on the rest of surface of the clipboard and hold with 2 binders. Cut a 12cm line, measuring 2cm from right and 6cm from bottom.


Fold back the cork fabric and, having as a guide the previous cutting, mark a 12x12cm square.


Place glue around the marked square and set the magnets to the side. Glue the cork fabric


Turn the clipboard backside and glue all the edges of the cork fabric. Add a backing piece if you want.


Place a plastic bag/sheet in the pocket to the front to prevent the glue from going inside and glue a 14cm piece of the cotton ribbon.


Cut a 14×15 piece from the cotton fabric and stamp it with the numbers stamp and the StazOn jet black ink pad.


Turn the cotton fabric backside and fold all sides 1cm securing with the textile glue.


Glue the stamped cotton fabric a bit loose to make a pocket, allowing space enough for pens to hold. Add a piece of fabric ribbon close to the bottom of it, gluing it only to the left and side edges.


Colour the tiny letters with the StazOn ink pad.


Glue the letters on the clipboard and add a metallic small key to mark the magnets. Add rivets to strengthen the fabric close to magnets and ribbon edges.

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