art journal forget me not

Started in the beginning of October 2015, my art journal consists of pages created whenever I see, think, read or feel something that I’d love to be kept in a page and expressed in a style that describes that moment.

There is no specific schedule on making it. It can be one page a month or two pages in a weekend. No pressure, no rules.

This page will be updated with any new art journal added in order to have them all in one place. Occasional posts of art journal’s page will be a reference for materials used.

Your comments are highly appreciated and keep me going on.

The order of the photos is from old to recent (top one).

Art journal page Love yourself

Cross the lines - art journal page

Spring in my heart

art journal page love

art journal capture

art journal forget me not

art journal guess

art journal hearts

art journal dream

art journal peacock

art journal fountain

Art journal page

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